The Neighbourhood

Anglesey Ward has many corner shops, Asian & Eastern European shops, and two chemists. The Uxbridge Arms on the corner of Queen Street and Branston Road serve excellent real ales and ciders. (For cash machines, see below.)

The Trent Washlands are just a short walk away, which is a real bonus.  Many visitors to Burton only see the town centre, unaware there’re all these rural walks along the river so nearby.  The Washlands (floodplains) offer walks along the river all the way south to the Riverside Inn in Branston (and a bit further), or north to Burton town centre, or over the Ferry Bridge to Stapenhill.  

directions to get on to the Washlands from Glencoe House

There are cash machines at:
Tesco's (15-min. walk via Queen St); 
Asda (14-min.walk via Dale St); 
next to the train station (17 to 20 min. walk); 
and in town, there are plenty along the High St and Station St (15 to 20 min. walk).

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Walking route to Washlands:  

Exit Glencoe House and go left down Anglesey Rd.  At newsagents', turn left onto All Saints’ Rd.  At end of All Saints' Rd, cross Branston Rd. to All Saints’ Church.  (Take care!  Branston Rd is a VERY busy road.)  Enter church grounds and walk down the path to left of the church. Then turn right onto All Saints’ Croft; right again onto Blackpool St; then almost immediately a left down a pot-holed dirt track that takes you to the wonderful wide open Washlands.  

If you wish to walk towards Branston:
To head to Branston, go right, past the grazing cattle (they're usually out grazing), and then left down the footpath that runs along the Leicester Line Railway Bridge.  At the river, go right, under the bridge, and just keep walking along the river, on past the golf course, till you reach the Riverside Inn.  You can go further, if you like, and even cross through to Branston and through the subway to the Branston Water Park; I can show you the way on a map. 

If you wish to walk to Stapenhill:
To head to Stapenhill, go left down the path that's at the far left of the gravel drive, and then turn right onto the next path; this will lead you to the river.  At the river, go left and walk to the Ferry Bridge. Cross the Ferry Bridge (stay to the left — cyclists are on right) and then go left into Stapenhill Gardens.  

You can carry on north along the Stapenhill side of the river till you reach the rowing clubs, at which point the path takes you up to the pavement along Stapenhill Road.  Go left on the pavement and at the road intersection, go left onto old Burton Bridge (the traffic is noisy here); stay to the left as cyclists are on the right.  The bridge takes you back to the Burton side of the river.  You can then rejoin the Washlands, or stop in at the Burton Bridge Brewery.  To rejoin the Washlands,  descend the left-hand ramp near the end of the bridge; or if you fancy a beer at the Burton Bridge Brewery, carry on walking along the bridge and continue straight onto Bridge St and you'll soon see the brewery pub on your left.  On the Burton side of the Washlands, follow the footpaths back along the river.   Head for the Ferry Bridge & Stapenhill Viaduct.  From the bridge/viaduct, you can either head left and walk along the river the way you came, or for a nice wander through woods, head towards the carpark which is off to the right.  Behind this carpark is the entrance to the Burton Mail Centenary Woodland, which I highly recommend.  Either way you go, keep an eye out towards your right, for the spire of All Saints' Church, and head for that to retrace your steps back to Anglesey Road.

To walk to Burton town centre along the river:
Walk as you did to go to Stapenhill but don't cross over the Ferry Bridge, stay on the Burton side of the river.  You can walk into town along the Stapenhill Viaduct that extends from the Ferry Bridge to Burton town centre.  Alternatively, you can cross over the viaduct (or under it, depending where you are) and follow any of the paths going off towards the left and make your way to Andressey Bridge (it's a similar design to the Ferry Bridge but on a much smaller scale).  Cross Andressey Bridge; the library is just off to your right and the Market Square and St. Modwen's Church (C of E) are off to your left. 

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