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(Nb:  189 Anglesey Road is actually smack dab on that bend -- the map shows it a bit beyond the bend but we are exactly where the road bends)


See below for directions to:
Glencoe House Bed & Breakfast
189 Anglesey Road
Burton upon Trent
DE14 3NS

(any problems en route, ring me on 01283 533106 or text me on 07791 897281)


If you’re coming from the south of Burton:

— head north on the A38

— take the A5121 exit ramp to Burton

— at the big roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Wellington Rd/A5121, and then immediately move into the far-right lane

— turn right onto B5018 (which becomes Main St, Branston; then becomes Burton Rd, Branston; then becomes Branston Rd, Burton)

— there's a small-ish roundabout in Burton Rd which you'll eventually reach; take the 1st exit (ie, carry on staright on Burton Rd)

— You will eventually pass under an old railway bridge; Anglesey Rd is the 1st left after this bridge. Go left onto Anglesey Rd/B5017.

— There are two bends in Anglesey Rd. We're on the 2nd bend, on the right-hand side (ie, after the newsagent's [All Saints Rd] and before the chippy [Walker St]).

— Pull up to the carport doors and ring the front doorbell; we'll show you where to park.


If you're coming from the north of Burton:

— take the A38 south to Burton

— take the A5121 exit ramp to Burton (North)

— continue onto the A5121 (this road eventually takes you past Pirelli Stadium which you'll see on your right)

— at the roundabout by the car dealer, take your 2nd exit (ie, continue straight on Derby Rd/A5121)

— At next roundabout (a bigger one), take 4th exit to continue on Derby Rd/A5121

— At next roundabout, take 3rd exit onto Derby St/A5121 — the name of the road changes here from Derby Rd to Derby St.

— After you pass Lidl (it'll be on your left), get into your right-hand lane and follow the A5121 round to the right.

— Move into your left-hand lane and at the junction, turn left onto Wellington St/A5121

— At the biggish roundabout, take 1st exit (left) onto Shobnall Rd/A5189

— At the roundabout at the bottom of the railway overpass, take 3rd exit onto Anglesey Rd/B5017

— You'll see in the distance that the road bends to the left. We are on the left, exactly where the road bends. As you approach the bend, slow way down and indicate you'll be turning left. Pull up onto the pavement (kerb is low there so it's easily done), and get out and ring the bell. We'll show you where to park.