Breakfast Menu

orange / apple / grapefruit / prune

cranberry juice drink / mango juice drink

English breakfast
( caff/ decaf)

cafetière or
instant (Mellicano) ( caff/ decaf)

(other juices & hot drinks are also available — just ask!)


bowl of cut up fresh fruits

organic yogurt mixed with jam or syrup (or plain)

smoothie made with banana, spinach, berries, almond milk

cold cereal & milk

cooked pinhead oatmeal (with milk, or melted butter)

cooked polenta* with cheddar

toast or crumpets — butter, Marmite & jam on table

homemade toasted soda bread with smoked salmon & soft cheese

eggy bread (French toast) with syrup

homemade pancakes [crêpes] with: sugar & lemon, or with jam, or other filling

homemade waffles* with butter and syrup


Full English (and some American):

scrambled / poached / fried

locally-sourced / vegetarian (Linda McCartney)

streaky / back / vegetarian (quorn)

tomatoes / baked beans / mushrooms / hash browns*

* For these items, please enquire the night before to ensure they're in stock.

If you have any food allergies/intollerances/dislikes, please let me know beforehand.

Normal breakfast hours are between
7 and 9am, Monday to Friday, and
7.30 and 9.30am, Saturdays & Sundays
(Should you require an earlier start, please let me know the previous night.)

(You may, if you like, select your menu choices now:
breakfast menu fill-in-form,
and return it to me via email.)